Legend of Croc Gold

On the island of Bougainville, nestled just miles off the coast of Papua New Guinea, sits one of the largest untapped gold reserves in the world.

Miners from around the world have dreamt of prospecting Bougainville's legendary rivers of gold, but few have dared come face to face with its fearful guardians - ferocious crocodiles that have claimed the lives of countless fortune-seekers.

The collapse of his booming Alaskan mining business has pushed Farley Dean, his family and his crew into ferocious crocodile territory, where they'll tackle a daring mining adventure like no other. In Bougainville, the promise of riches comes with a steep risk. Dean and his crew wade into lethal waters searching for gold just months after a local teenage boy was killed and eaten by a crocodile. Now, with never-before-seen mining techniques and the promise of an island teeming with gold, the crew will risk everything or return to Alaska with nothing.