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Singapore Confidential

Are some things best kept secret? Or is it better when truths are revealed - even if the consequences may be painful? Take a journey through present-day Singapore with Private Investigator David Ng, and confront these questions in relation to the true stories of a former gang member, an adopted cross-dresser, and a young woman who was abused by her step father as a child.

In the classic neo-noir film, Chinatown (1974), private investigator JJ Gittes (played by Jack Nicholson) tells a wife who suspects her husband is having an affair: “You’re better off not knowing”. He reminds her of the expression “let sleeping dogs lie”. But is ignorance really bliss? Or will the truth always come out, sooner or later? Especially in the densely-populated and claustrophobic city-state of Singapore, where walls have ears, and appearances can be deceptive.