China: Time of Xi

Running China Now

China in 2017 faces enormous challenges – in its economy, with its environment, and with corruption.  Through case studies – from the steamy south to the western desert, from the Yangtze River to Beijing and beyond - we plunge into Xi Jinping’s push for a “system upgrade” across every sector of China.

We discover how hi-tech ideas and innovative thinking are helping China remake its economy. AI-powered autonomous drones, a ground-breaking electric sky train, a phone screen you can fold and put in your pocket – smart ideas like these are changing the face of China’s industries. On the river and in the mountains, we eavesdrop on the people spear-heading the new focus on cleaning up the environment and on bringing about a new respect for the rule of law.   

We see how Xi Jinping’s experiences in highly commercial Fujian province as a young government official shaped his attitude to China’s economy, and to the issue of corruption.  And we discover the effects of his controversial, high profile drive to clean up the Communist Party:  what former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd calls “The mother of all campaigns”.