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Silicon Valley The Untold Story

14 May, 10.50PM (9.50PM BKK/JKT/MNL)

From chips to computers, radar to robots, satellites to smart phones,the Valley’s technologies have transformed our lives.
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Survival Sundays

15 April, 9.55PM (8.55PM BKK/JKT, 9PM MNL)

Live through these Discovery survival legends and their drive to survive the odds.
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Be the first to know - from breaking science news to cultural topics in the zeitgeist.

Tesla’s Death Ray: A Murder Declassified

2 April, 10.50PM (9:50PM BKK/JKT, 9:50PM MNL)

The series begins as a team of experts assembles to investigate the life, death, and renowned work of inventor Nikola Tesla.
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Impossible Railways

20 April, 9PM (8PM BKK/JKT, 8:10PM MNL)

Since their meteoric rise in the 19th Century, railways have been at the forefront of modern engineering and transport. They have conquered dizzying altitudes, wilderness, seas and cities.



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