Kindig Customs 2

Some great artists work with oil on canvas, others with clay. For Dave Kindig, an artist at the top of his automotive design craft, iron and chrome are the tools of his creative self-expression. From his sprawling 27,000 square foot custom fabrication shop, Kindig It Design, Dave and his team use vehicles as their canvases to create extraordinary works of art for serious car lovers nationwide.

Working on all car types across every decade, Dave and his team render, design, build and restore vehicles from the ground up. Starting with a blank sheet of paper, Dave sketches his detailed vision for every build. The design team then take over, creatively bending steel, welding, installing parts and customising every last detail to transform a sketch into jaw-dropping automotive reality. But Dave doesn't let his team have all of the fabrication fun; he gets his hands dirty helping with builds, problem solving and meticulously painting and decorating cars.