Reality of Virtual Reality


Amidst the excitement of groundbreaking technologies, hottest apps and the latest gear, one key aspect of VR is often forgotten – the importance of a good story. How do you create a VR experience that is not only technically accomplished, but also more than just narrated postcards? What happens when documentary filmmaking meets virtual reality?

Creating for this new medium requires a new perspective. Jessica Brillhart, Principal Filmmaker at Google VR, will explore the possibilities and intricacies of this emerging landscape and the evolving language of VR in a keynote address, sharing from her own experiences as a content creator in this field.  

Come hear from the guys behind Discovery VR, as they share the latest on technology and provide insights into the biggest VR apps with over 4 million downloads and close to 150 million streams to date.

Join us as we reveal tips and tricks on good storytelling in VR, showing how the relationship to subject and story is enhanced by technology – and not the other way around.

This workshop is organized by Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific in partnership with the Info-communications Media Development Authority of Singapore.


Do's and Don'ts of VR Production

Bert Collins (Director, Emerging Technology, Discovery US)

VR Cinematic Language: How Should We Rethink Storytelling with VR?

Keynote Address by Jessica Brillhart (Principal Filmmaker at Google VR)

What Kind of VR Content Do We Want?

Jeffrey Abramson (Head of Virtual Reality Programming and Development, Discovery US)

Practical VR Handles and Storytelling Techniques

Sharing by Jessica Brillhart (Principal Filmmaker at Google VR)

Commissioner’s Tips

Panel Session with Discovery’s Editorial Team

Announce Shortlisted Proposals