First Time Filmmakers (FTFM) Singapore

Frequently Asked Questions

1. On what basis will proposals by Production Companies be short listed for the Pitching session and Creative Workshop in October 2014?

A minimum of 12-15 short-listed proposals will be chosen by a panel from Discovery Networks Asia Pacific Pte Ltd’s (hereon referred to as “DNAP”) judging from submitted treatment and entry sheets on the following three criteria:

a)    Suitability of the topic:

Is the idea appropriate for DNAP in relation to the theme set for this project?

b)   Creativity in the treatment:

Quality of the detailed approach to the program idea submitted

c)    Relative experience and potential of the filmmaker/submitting entity

2. How will the FINAL 5 teams be selected after the Pitching session? Are there any specific standards for selecting these teams?

The final 5 films will be selected by a judging panel as appointed by DNAP, based on the following four criterion. The ideas will be graded on a scale of 10 points for each criteria:

      a) Suitability of the topic:

Is the idea appropriate for DNAP in relation to the theme set for this project?

      b) Feasibility of Project:

Can the project be made within the given timelines? Does the filmmaker have access to the subject or protagonists?

      c) Creativity in the treatment:

Quality of the detailed approach to the program idea submitted.

      d) Quality of Pitch:

The filmmakers whose projects are selected will be invited to the workshop and will pitch their ideas to the judges in the presence of other selected filmmakers.

3. Is it possible to use existing film which we already took before and do additional shooting on these production days?

All candidates are required to submit fresh ideas and film original footage during the shooting period, based on the ‘The Singapore Story’ theme.

4. Can we submit projects from any genre?

We can accept projects from the “factual” genre which can include documentaries, lifestyle programming and factual entertainment.

5. Can I submit my idea and entry forms in other languages?

No. Only entries in English will be accepted.

6. What is the technical specification for the showreels?

The showreels can be submitted at in either Quicktime or MPEG4 format, at a maximum of 300MB in file size.

7. What is the exact deadline for submission?

All submission materials must be submitted by 30 September 2014

8. If as a production company we have worked for DNAP before on another project can we apply?

No, only individual Directors may apply (with key team members attached). That Director can be a full-time employee of a Production Company so long as he/she has never directed a DNAP documentary before and a genuine first-time filmmaker.

9. Can non-Singaporeans take part in this FTFM?

Only Singapore Nationals and those who are Permanent Residents at the time of the selection process in October 2014 through to the end of the final broadcast of the films in 2015 may take part in this FTFM. Your documentary must also be filmed in Singapore only.

10. What kind of budgets should the filmmakers expect for this project?

FTFM is conceived as a non-commercial training exercise to expose filmmakers to international style narratives and work culture. The budgets therefore are set within these parameters.

11. Can more than one proposal be submitted for this FTFM?

Yes, more than one proposal can be submitted by an individual. Each proposal must be accompanied by a fresh application form.

12. How and where do I submit my application forms and materials?

The application form, proposal, budget and showreel should be compressed and submitted  as a ZIP file at Please ensure that your name and email address are clearly labeled and submitted in the ‘Description’ field for easy identification. All applications must be made electronically online, no mailed in applications will be entertained but we may contact you for further materials.

13. Who can I contact with further queries? For any further queries or clarifications, please send us an email at